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Dear Trade Show Exhibitor,

The 2020 Kentucky Beef Expo is scheduled for March 6th thru 8th. This year’s Expo will be held in the West Wing and Pavilion of the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky. The past several years has been successful, with a large turnout of Expo visitors to the Trade Show. I hope that you see the Kentucky Beef Expo as an opportunity for your company to reach many the countries’ most progressive beef producers, and farmers. The Beef Expo Junior Show also brings out large numbers or youth and farm families.

West Wing booths will be aligned along the main aisle on a first come first serve basis; all are good and visible locations. Some larger booths will be placed near the Livestock Office. I am including the layout with your mailing, so you can indicate preference for booth location. Please understand that I will make every effort to accommodate your requests based on when your contracts are received.

New additional space is available in the Pavilion on the inside wall next to the West Wing. Space is 160 feet in length and 45 feet in width. This space will be reserved for large equipment, sale trailers and other large implements. Show supply trailers will be located in the same area as before. Cattle handling equipment will mostly be located in the West Wing on the main aisle. Space near the Livestock Office is still available. Additional space in the Pavilion may be pending.

Attached, you will find additional information (page 2) regarding set-up times, exhibit hours and other pertinent details. I do encourage you to call or text me at 859-404-1406 with any concerns or questions. You can also email me at I want to make this both a profitable and enjoyable experience for all exhibitors. While the livestock and youth are the focus of the Expo, we are willing to make things as easy as possible for you.

If you need any special assistance concerning your booth, please try to let me know in time to address the matter. If you want to check out the Expo website, please visit

Thank you and I look forward to working with each of you.

John McDonald

Kentucky Farm Bureau Beef Expo Trade Show

STANDARD BOOTH INFORMATION: Standard booths are 10’ x 10’ with an 8’ backdrop and 3’ side rails 8’ skirted table and 2 folding chairs. Larger booths will be set-up according to size. We ask that no exhibit extend higher than the 8’ backdrop. We also ask that no booth be designed so that it is obtrusive to another.

ELECTRICITY/BOOTH ACCESSORIES: For electrical service check the box on the contract page. It is easier to keep up with and less confusion to get electrical service checks upon arrival. The Fairgrounds event coordinator has assured me the pre-order floor rate will be guaranteed for the Trade Show. Minimum service is $125, (120 volts 20 amps). The next service is $150, (120 volts 30 amps). Make checks payable to KY Beef Expo Trade Show.

SHOW INFORMATION: The Trade Show is scheduled to coincide with the events of the Beef Expo as well as the highest traffic times. Booths are to be open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday March 6th and 7th. However, you have the option, and it is recommended to open on Thursday, March 5th to attract livestock exhibitors and other visitors present. Exhibitors have the option of remaining on Sunday March 8th. Exhibitors remaining on Sunday and requiring a fork-lift to load must stay to the conclusion of the Junior Show. Large equipment can be loaded out on Monday, 8a.m. to 11a.m.

BOOTH SETUP: Set-up will be scheduled for Thursday, March 5th. Exhibitors with large equipment or trailers will be allowed to set up on Wednesday March 4th. Exhibitors that need to drive in to unload in the West Wing need to be set up by noon on Thursday. We will make sure that these times are adequate to prepare your booths for the opening of the trade Show. We ask that exhibitors be ready no later than 9:00 am Friday, March 6th. Forklifts are provided.

EXHIBITORS / EQUIPMENT LOAD-OUT: A KY Junior Show is scheduled for Saturday, March 7th at 4:30 PM and open market animals are being weighed Saturday at 5PM. Load-out on Saturday is permitted. Equipment can be loaded out one hour after the conclusion of the KY Junior Show.

CONTRACT DEADLINE: Contracts are to be returned with payment no later than February 11th, 2020. Keep in mind that space is limited and that booths are being assigned on a first come first serve basis. Please contact me with any difficulties in meeting this deadline.

LIABILITY- It is expressly understood and agreed between exhibitors and the Kentucky Beef Expo that the Expo or its personnel be under no liability for loss of or damage to goods or property of exhibitors, or personal injury to exhibitors or representatives. Each exhibitor, upon signing space contract, expressly releases the Kentucky Beef Expo from all liability for such losses. Security is provided at night from Thursday March 5th through Saturday March 7th.

PARKING PASSES- Each exhibiting company is being provided with one parking pass. Additional parking passes can be purchased for $8.00 each. These allow unlimited access for the entire event.

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