Pen Heifer Show & Sale

MARCH 6th and 7th, 2015


  1. Pens shall be either 2 or 3 head of commercial or registered females.  All registered cattle must have original registration papers available at check in.
  2. Pen consignments are not required to be halter broken. Animals should be uniform in condition, frame size, and breeding status (open, spring bred, fall bred, cow/calf).
  3. A minimum age of heifers shall be 10 months, with the exception of Embryo Transplant Progeny.  The maximum age limit of all entries shall be 36 months of age.  E. T. calves born after Oct. 1st must sell with a recipient dam.  The Pen Heifer Sale Committee reserves the right to limit the number of entries.  In such cases, preference will be given to older and bred heifers.
  4. If heifers are bred, they must be bred to a bull with known E.P.D.’s.
  5. All females must meet the following requirements within 90 days of sale:  5-Way Lepto & Vibro, 7-Way Blackleg, IBR-BVD-PI Vaccine, Internal and External Parasite Control, No Growth Implants.


1.   A $50.00 entry fee will be assessed per head.  This fee is non-refundable.  Make entry checks payable to  DP Management Pen Sale.
2.   All entries are due to the Shows and Fairs office by December 20, 2014 with entry fees.  For inspection purposes, we prefer entries early.
3.   Estimated sale expense will be no greater than 7% of gross sales.
4.   Settlement will be made to consignors within 30 days after the sale, providing that consignor has met all necessary requirements regarding paperwork and fees, and that full settlement has been made on all the consignor’s entries.


  1. There will be a minimum of $8,000 in premiums and awards. 
  2. Separate divisions will be offered for registered and commercial cattle consignments.  Class breaks for each division will be as follows:  (a) Open heifers; (b) Spring bred heifers (Calving dates to be Jan 1 to June 30); (c) Fall bred heifers (Calving dates to be July 1 to Dec 31); and (d) Cow calf pairs (to show as a cow calf pair, all entries must have a calf at side): (e) Embryo transplant progeny.
  3. Heifers will show by age using a futurity break.  Show placings will be used to assist the Sale Committee in making the sale order.

1.  Pens will be available Thursday, March 5th at 10:00 a.m. and animals must be in place by Friday, March 6th at 8:00 a.m.  Show will be Friday, March 6th at 2:00 p.m.  The sale will be Saturday, March 7th at 2:00 p.m.
2.  Pens will have a dirt surface.  Bedding will not be provided.  Straw or wood shavings may be brought in   by the consignor, or purchased from concessionaire at the consignor’s expense.  The consignor must provide all feed, feed pans, water buckets, etc.
3.   Heifers must be clean and must be clipped.  The clipping standard is head, brisket, top line, and tail.  Clipping must be completed prior to arrival.  There is no maximum grooming standard other than grooming chutes and fans are not allowed in the pen show area.
4.   Each consignor will be expected to help with the sale getting their heifers to and from the sale ring, as well as assisting in loading out sale animals.
5.   An individual Certificate of Veterinarian Inspection (health papers) must accompany each animal.Also, an official i.d. must be on the health paper.  It must be a breed tattoo, accompanied by a registration paper.  Otherwise, animal must have a metal ear tag or E.I.D (840) tag in the ear if no registration paper is available.

1.   The Sale Committee reserves the right to disqualify any entry upon arrival.
2.   The All Breeds Heifer Show and Sale Committee and the Sales Manager reserve the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations.


TERMS:  Terms of the sale are cash or personal check.  Each animal will be sold to the highest bidder.  The auctioneer will settle any disputes as to bids.
PURCHASE:  Each animal will be at the purchaser’s risk as soon as sold and can be moved after settlement has been made.   Animals may be left in the Pen Sale area until noon on the day after the sale.
HEALTH:  Out-of-state buyers should be aware of any special requirements and/or permits of their respective states and shall be responsible for same.
CONSIGNOR’S RESPONSIBILITY:  The seller is the responsible party for all representations made about his cattle.  The management of the sale assumes no liability, legal or otherwise, but will endeavor to protect the interest of both the buyer and the seller.
CHANGES:  Any changes from printed material will be announced sale day.  Announcements from the sale box take precedence over anything printed in the catalog.
PAPERS:  Registration papers on animals sold as registered animals (including any calves born prior to the sale) will be transferred by sales manager at no cost to the buyer.  Each buyer must be sure to give the clerk his proper name and address for transfers.  All calves born after the sale are to be registered by the purchaser. 


  1. BREEDING  – All animals are guaranteed to be breeders (with the exception of):
  2. Injury or disease occurring after sale.
  3. Gross negligence or willful misconduct on the part of purchaser.
  4. Cows with calves at side are presumed to be breeders with no further fertility guarantee.

2.  SAFE IN CALF FEMALES –    Have been examined by a competent veterinarian and are so guaranteed.
3.  OPEN FEMALES – Have not been served and are so guaranteed.


  1. All claims for adjustment or refund must be made in writing within six months of sale date to the seller.
  2. In the event an animal is claimed to be a non-breeder, the animal may be returned to the farm of the seller in good condition and complying with health requirements of the sellers’ state.  The seller shall be entitled to six months to prove the animal is a breeder.  If the seller is unable to prove the animal is a breeder, the seller shall replace the animal with another of equal value or refund the full purchase price.
  3. If the female sold as “safe in calf”, proves not to be in calf within 90 days, the seller shall be obligated to make a satisfactory adjustment on the purchase price or refund the purchase price upon return of the animal to the farm of the seller.
Any expense incurred for transportation shall be the responsibility of the purchaser, except that the seller shall be responsible for transportation costs in excess of the distance between the purchaser’s farm and the location of the sale.

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